About us

About Kyoyado Okara

Kyoyado Okara is a traditional machiya(Kyoto style)guesthouse located walking distance from Kyoto station.Our owner tastefully renovated old house to integrate modern style where you can enjoy traditional atmosphere with reasonable price.

  • We are not Ryokan(Full service Japanese style hotel)and we do not serve meals and Yukata is not prepared in the room.
  • We request our guests to participate self service in order to maintain the low price. (Self service such as removing sheets and pillow case, separating rubbish)
  • Please note that towel is not complementary in the price.Rental bath&face towel set is available for 200yen/set.
  • We do not have curfew, but our Light-off time for the common area is 11PM.Guests are requested to consider other guests after Light off time.
  • We have air conditioner and heaters,however it’s sometime difficult to control the room temperature due to the house structure.

About Meal

We do not serve meals,but our sister shop “Shunsai Imari” is a Japanese Restaurant where you can enjoy breakfast and dinner. We give 10% discount exclusively for the Okara guests. We do not serve breakfast but you can enjoy 10%off discount from our sister shop“Shunsai Imari”

Shunsai Imari Breakfast of Kyoto

  • Freshly cooked Claypot rice
  • Obanzai (Kyoto style of the dish) of the day
  • grilled fish (Saikyo miso marinated)
  • Japanese style omelette
  • Japanese pickles
  • Seaweed cooked in sweetened soy sauce
  • Miso soup
  • Crispy young sardines salad

Original price 1382yen(Tax included)→1244yen(Exclusive discount for Okara guests) We give 10% discount for dinner time as well!

Sister shop “Aisani”(Obanzai and classic western food )

You can enjoy 10% discount exclusively for Okara guests

Our menu

We give 10% discount for exclusively Okara guests!